Hello All!

This is the July update from Blair Pathways!

The time for the CD release is at hand! Here are some exciting updates from the Month of June!

CD Now Available for Pre-Order!: Things have been moving quickly along, and we will soon have our first batch of CDs printed! Physical copies will be available August 1st! Anyone can go ahead and pre-order the CD on our website today! The CD has 20 pieces from over 25 artists, a fold-out-map and liner notes.

CD Release Party: We will be having a release party Saturday, August18th from 3-7pm at the Whipple Company Store, Scarbro, WV. The party will feature Blair Pathways musicians SamGleaves, Morgan O’Kane and national award-winning fiddler Jamie Laval. Food and refreshments will be served. Find out more about the Whipple Store at www.whipplecompanystore.com.

We would love for you all to join us at the release party! There are several nearby towns with overnight accommodations, including Oak Hill, Fayetteville and Beckley.

Reviews and Tours: In the months following our release, we will be looking for publications, blogs and radio stations interested in reviewing or promoting the CD. If folks on this listserv are interested in providing reviews or would like to recommend a source for us to pursue, please shoot us an e-mail!

In addition, Saro will be conducting a tour in the fall and winter of the project, presenting on the history of the mine wars and performing pieces from the CD. If you would like to help host a presentation in your area, please e-mail us at blairpathways@gmail.com


Saro Lynch-Thomason and Jordan Freeman

“Not just another collection of Labor classics, this eclectic collection digs deep into the lore of the region.  Its modern interpreters perform with undeniable authenticity.   The wide range of music here, from ballads to choral works to fiddle and banjo tunes suggests the rich lode of Appalachian tradition.  Even old folkies will find new songs here, performed with fresh energy by a new generation of mountain musicians deeply rooted in the honorable traditions they have so lovingly preserved.”

—Bruce Watson, author of “Bread and Roses: Mills, Migrants, and the Struggle for the American Dream” (Viking)


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