About the Founders


Jordan Freeman: Associate Producer

Jordan is an independent videographer based in New York City. He was a primary videographer for the film Coal Country. He has also worked with Coal River Mountain Watch, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition documenting events for web release. Originally coming to the Coal River Valley from Los Angeles, CA in 2005, Freeman has spent the last seven years documenting the unfolding controversies surrounding coal mining throughout Appalachia. His most recent film, Low Coal, was produced by Evening Star Productions and examines coal mining’s effects on southern West Virginia communities (http://www.lowcoal.com/)



Saro Lynch-Thomason: Producer

Saro Lynch-Thomason is an illustrator, award-winning ballad singer and amateur folklorist. She has been studying Appalachian ballads and traditional singing since 2008, performing alongside respected singers including Sheila Kay Adams and Elizabeth Laprelle. In the spring of 2013 she was granted a Sound Archives Fellowship from Berea College to study and teach Eastern KY ballads. Saro has been involved with mountain-top removal activism since 2008.





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