There are three purchasing options:

1. Purchase of the Blair Pathways CD by using the Paypal Button on the right of the screen.

2. The Donation Package: When you pay $45 for a CD on Paypal, you receive a hand-printed postcard that says “Appalachian” with a dandelion (that’s symbolic for resistance and struggle dontcha know) for free. The extra $15 will help us with with our goals of educating the public and funding the fight to save Blair Mountain! Prints are hand-carved, and hand-printed with water-based inks.

3. Download the CD on BandCamp! Click Here to Download individual tracks or the whole CD for just $9.99! Includes a Bonus track “Striker’s Orphan Child” by Elaine Purkey!

If you wish to make a purchase via check, please e-mail us at






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