Contemporary March Songs


All of the following are contemporary songs reflecting the history of the Mingo-Logan Wars and the Battle of Blair Mountain. Enjoy these songs and let the artists know you appreciate them as well! If any listeners know of other contemporary songs to add to these archives, please e-mail Blair Pathways at

The Battle of Blair Mountain by David Rovics


The Battle of Blair Mountain by Louise Mosrie


Battle of Blair Mountain by Bill Talbot

Battle of Blair Mountain



The Battle of Blair Mountain by Josh Hamblin, performed by Southern Sun Bluegrass



Teardrops of Angels  by Alan Cathead Johnston

More on Cathead Johnston’s contributions to music about the Mine Wars: Alan “Cathead” Johnson

Flowers of Darkness by Thomas Moore, which reflects on the fossilized designs of ferns that would appear in coal beds when miners were working. They named these “Flowers of Darkness.”



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